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A Singaporean Headquartered (HQ) Global Group having live Fixed Income Platform (FIP), Hedge Fund, OTT Platform, 62+ Desks, many more with $ 500 Million Valuation (0% Debt, 0% VC Funding)


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US $500

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Live Platform Desks
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Trained Professionals covering Professional Trainings Programs

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is a Singaporean Multinational HQ Group having legal entities in Singapore (SG), Hong Kong (HK), India (IN). Sitting today Company is having more than 8 Verticals and 44 Business Streams. We do cover Clients across the Globe covering Markets like the United States (US), Canadian Markets, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), Asian Financial Markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines), OPEC Region (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Bahrain), African Markets, Indian Markets and still counting.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would be adding more foreign subsidiaries as Group entities like New York (2022), London (2022), Saudi Arabia (2023), Dubai (2024), Australia (2025), Luxembourg (2025), Mauritius (2026). By 2024 Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would have Physical Offices / Legal entities in 6 parts (Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India) of the Globe whereby we would be covering more than 100 Countries. Standing today Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is 100% Cash Rich Group, 0% Debt, 0% VC Funding. We are 100% Profitable Group with high Gross as well as Net Profit Margins. Our Group invests surplus Cash with more than Top 9 Mutual Funds in India, Mutual Funds in Singapore as well as Hong Kong. As a Group, we do operate our Equity Fund covering Equity Securities of Indian Bourses, Wall Street and soon adding European Exchanges as well.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) operates its own Hedge Fund Desk ( wherein we would be covering all Asset Classes – FICCCST – Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Credit, Structured, Technology. More details of the Hedge Fund Desk are shared in the link aforesaid.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is having own Intellectual Property (IP) rights - Fixed Income Platform – ( World’s 1st Fixed Income Platform, Watched in 230 Countries of Globe, Amongst 500K Platforms of Globe, Integrated with World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – Julia and many things)

Julia – World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – 16+Asset Classes, 1000+ 7th Level Asset Classes, Push Sliders Facility (Asset Class Wise), Audit Trail facility (Forward/Backward), World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – PPP Bot, Comprehensive Commodities Pricing – Agri, Metals, Petroleum, Live FX Pricing – 27 FX Pairs, 5000+ Questions covering 16+ Asset Classes & respective.

Effective Dec 2020 Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) launching most awaited Treasury Desk whereby we would be integrating all existing Desks of our Fixed Income Platform – like Compliance Desk, Commodities Desk, Defence Desk, Financial Markets, Pension Fund Desk, Foreign Exchange (FX), Fixed Income (FI), Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), PPP Desk, Custodian Desk, Islamic Banking Desk, Pension Fund Desk and respective Desks. This would be one of kind Treasury Desk available in Public Domain. With this Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would move to the next journey which is to initiate Banking entity as a Principally Singaporean, Hong Kong Bank. As a Banking entity, we would be covering all Assets Classes, Multiple Trading Desks across the Globe. The company would also be launching World's 1st Monetization Desk - Monitfund by Jan'21. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) also launching Commodities Exchange who would be covering all aspects of Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Base Metals, Natural Gas (NG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Gases, Refined Petroleum Products). This Exchange would be coming by August 2020. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) also launching Electricity Exchange which would be covering all Electricity Derivatives. Both the Exchanges to be under the flagship of respective legal entities of Treasury Consulting Group (TCG)

Sitting today Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is having Corporate Valuation of $ 500 Million and expected to cross $ 1 Billion by Dec’21. According to US I-Bankers, Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would be a Unicorn ($ 5 Billion) Group before 2024 considering upcoming E-Commerce Operations & 8+ Strategic Desks coming before Dec 2024. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) planning listing in HK by 2023 under the dual listing clause. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) Banks with DBS Singapore and would continue to bank with Top 10 Banks of the Globe for Corporate Banking requirements across all Legal entities of the Globe

Currently acting as a Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Venture Capitalist (VC) of Treasury Consulting Group (TCG). Also acted as an Ex. Group Corporate Treasurer of United States (US), India based ITES, IT Companies like EXL Service Holdings, Inc. HCL Technologies Limited. Also acting as an Editor in Chief (EIC) - " The Maverick Treasurer ", " The Fraudster ", Oil & Gas Trader, FX & IR Trader, Energy Derivatives Trader.

Our Vision

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is a Singaporean Multinational HQ Group having $ Multi-Million Valuation. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would soon be Treasury Consulting Bank (TCB) in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland. We envisaged being a Full-fledged Bank covering all aspects from InterBank dealings to Investment Banking. Our Fixed Income Platform - is having 44+ Treasury Desks & 12+ Strategic Desks (Multi-Billion Desks) are under designing and would be launched in Phased Manner by Dec 2020. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would soon hold 2 more Platforms by Dec 2021.

Fixed Income (FI) Platform

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is a Strategic Platform which covers all aspects of Fixed Income Markets. Sitting today we cover 44+ Treasury Desks like Compliance Desk, Commodities Desk, Virtual CFO Desk, Defence Desk, Fixed Income (FI) KPO, Islamic Banking Desk, Family Office Desk, Financial Markets Desk, Pension Fund Desk, Foreign Exchange Desk, Private Placement Program (PPP) Desk, Credit Risk Desk, Structured Finance Desk and respective. Fixed Income Platform is adding 4+ Multi-Billion Strategic Desks like Commodities Desk, Defence Desk, IRS Platform, Debt & Capital (DCM) Desks. These Desks would cover all aspects and would be ready by Dec 2020.

United States
Singapore Malaysia, Thailand
Asia Pacific Financial Markets
European Financial Markets
Australia & New Zealand Markets


Asia Pacific Region
Asian Financial Markets
Dubai, Bahrain Financial Markets
European Financial Markets
Saudi, Iran & OPEC Region
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Hedge Fund Desk
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Pension Fund Desk
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Private Placement Program (PPP) Desk
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Bespoke Derivatives Desk
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Sheetal Academy
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Family Office Desk (FOID)
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Non-Deliverable Desk (ND)
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Regulatory Technologies (RegTech)
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Over the Top (OTT) Platform - TRFX
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Private Video Directory (PVD)
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Electricity Exchange
Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Commodities Exchange (Comex)

Treasury Consulting Pte LTd - Reverse Pitch Deck

EXL Service Holdings, Inc. is amongst top 10 Business Process Outsourcing & Transformation (BPO) Companies across the Globe having operations in almost 35 Countries of the world covering United States, Europe, Global Level, Philippines, Singapore, Latin America and Rest of the World (ROW).

EXL Service Holdings, Inc. is having annual Top line of $ 628 Million along withMarket Capitalization of over $ 1.6 Billion on United States based bourse NASDAQ (NASDAQ Tick - EXLS).

EXL looks deeper. Our solutions integrate operations management services, decision analytics and technology platforms to deliver immediate results and long-term business impact. We work as a strategic partner to help our clients streamline business operations, improve corporate finance, manage compliance, better adapt to change, and create new channels for growth. Serving organizations in insurance, healthcare, banking and financial services, utilities, travel, transportation and logistics, we deliver solutions from wherever clients need them. Headquartered in New York, EXL has approximately 30,000 professionals in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

As a Group Corporate Treasurer taking care of core Treasury Desks like Treasury Front Office Desk, Treasury Middle Office Desk, Treasury CFO Desk (Treasury Mgmt. Reporting Desk) and Treasury Research Desk.

Role Played as anEx. Group Corporate Treasurer of EXL Service Holdings, Inc.

  • Onshore & Offshore Treasury Risk Management
  • Foreign Exchange Hedging
  • Cash Flow Hedging
  • Fair Value Hedging / Balance Sheet Hedging
  • Net Investment Hedging
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  • Derivatives Trading, Currency Trading(Exchange Traded Markets)
  • Interest Rate Swaps (IRS)
  • Fixed Income Markets (Money Markets, Debt Markets, Capital Markets)
  • Treasury Wealth Management (All Assets Classes in Financial Markets)
  • Trade Finance (Domestic, International, Digital Trade Finance)
  • Treasury Accounting (IFRS, US GAAP, IAS, Indian GAAP, IND-AS)
  • Derivatives Hedge Accounting
  • Treasury Management Systems (TMS) - SAP Treasury, Oracle Treasury
  • Global Cash Management (Cash Flow Forecasting, Cash Reporting's)
  • Management Reporting's(CEO Deck, CFO Deck, Investor Deck, Board Deck)

As of today holding more than decade of work experience as a Group Corporate Treasurer covering Treasury Functions of Prominent Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Information Technology (IT) Companies like EXL Service Holdings. Inc. (United States NASDAQ Listed Firm) and HCL Technologies Limited (India 3rd Largest IT Exporter) respectively.

As a Group Corporate Treasurer covers role of Wealth Management wherebydealt with Front Office Desks of all International Banks, Financial Institutions, Regulatory Agencies.In India dealt withRBI , SEBI , FMC where by covering almost all kinds of Asset Classes & Valuation Techniques like Derivatives , Currencies , Technical Analysis of Assets Classes , International Tax Planning on Cross Border Investments , Mutual Funds , Term Deposits , G Sec Securities or Gilts ( Treasury Bills , Cash Management Bills , Treasury Notes , Treasury Bonds ) , MTN ( Medium Terms Notes ) , Foreign Currency Loans & Borrowings , Equity Financing , Balance Sheet Funding , Commodities and respected others.

The following are the Trainings Programs offered by Treasury Consulting LLP across the Globe whereby covering United States, European Financial Markets, British Markets, Asia Pacific Region, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), OPEC Region, Philippines and African Markets.

Financial Markets Trainings:
  • Foreign Exchange & Derivatives Strategies - Beginner Series
  • Foreign Exchange & Derivatives Strategies - Advanced Series
  • Treasury Risk Management - Beginner Series
  • Treasury Risk Management - Advanced Series
  • Currencies Derivatives - Advanced Series
  • Interest Rates Derivatives (IRS) - Advanced Series
  • Technical Analysis - Beginner Series
  • Technical Analysis - Advanced Series
  • International Traders Technical Analysis
  • Fixed Income Markets - Beginner Series **
  • Fixed Income Markets - Advanced Series **
  • Fixed Income Markets - International Advanced Series **

**Fixed Income Markets Courses covering Offshore Treasury Centres like Singapore, New York, Australia (Sydney,Melbourne), Japan (Tokyo), European Union (London,Luxembourg,Frankfurt),British Financial Markets, Dubai, China (Shanghai),Hong Kong, Philippines and respective Offshore Treasury Centres.

Governance Risk &Compliance, Information Technology (IT) Trainings:
  • Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) - ERM, SOX, COSO
  • SAP, SAP GRC, SAP HANA, SAP Ariba Trainings
  • Oracle Database, Oracle ERP, Oracle Hyperion Trainings
  • Oracle Hyperion Financials Trainings
  • Information Technology (IT) Audits - SOC Audits
  • Bank Frauds & Forensics Accounting - 1 D, 2 D Programs
  • Data Analytics & ISO Risk Management Strategies
  • Cyber Security Framework - NIST
  • COBIT 5 Trainings
  • **ERM - Enterprise Risk Management.

    ** IT Audits covering SOX 404, COSO, COBIT, NIST, Cyber Security, SOC Reporting, Web trust, Systrust, Attestation Standards, ITIL, ANZ DB.

    ACCA Trainings - Skills & Professional Level:

    ACCA Skills Level:

    • F1- Accountant in Business
    • F2- Management Accounting
    • F3 - Financial Accounting
    • F4 - Corporate & Business Law
    • F5 - Performance Management
    • F7 - Financial Reporting
    • F8 - Audits & Assurance
    • F9 - Financial Management

    ACCA Professional Level:

    • P1 - Governance Risk & Ethics
    • P3 - Business Analysis
    • P4 - Advanced Financial Management
    • P5 - Advanced Performance Management
    • P7 - Advanced Audits & Assurance

    ** ACCA Trainings is done using BPP, BPP Revision Kitand Mock Exams

    Analytics Trainings:

    • Financial Analytics
    • Cash Flow Analytics
    • Risk Based Modelling Analytics
    • Basel III Analytics
    • Treasury Analytics
    • Cost Analytics (Linear Programming Analytics)
    • Operational Analytics
    • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Analytics
    • Business Analytics
    • Data Analytics

    ** Analytics Trainings are performed using Analytics Software's Like ACL, IDEA, SPSS, Minitab, E Serve and respective

    Treasury Management Systems (TMS) Trainings:

    • Treasury Management Systems (TMS)
    • Treasury Management Systems (TMS)
    • Oracle Treasury
    • SAP Treasury
    • G Treasury

    Working Capital Risk Management:

    • Working Capital Risk Management
    • Capital Restructuring

    CFO Trainings:

    • CFO Analytics
    • Accounting Risk & Assurance
    • Reporting of Financial Derivatives
    • Financial & Business Accounting

    Business Valuation Trainings:

    • Business Valuation
    • Purchase Consideration
    • Acquisition Accounting
    • Contingent Consideration
    • Goodwill Valuation
    • Earn out Valuation

    Accounting Standards Trainings:

    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
    • US GAAP
    • IND-AS
    • Indian GAAP

Globally recognised Speaker covering conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Debates, Extempore covering variety of topics at Global level

Acting as a globally recognised Speaker covering the following for respective forums.

  • Euro Finance(British)
  • Euro Money(British, US & Asia)
  • Singapore Management University(SMU, Singapore)
  • Tudor -Luxembourg(Luxembourg)
  • GUN Academy(British based Research firm)
  • Gallant Capital Financial Markets(United States)
  • ASSOCHAM(India Premier Investor & Corporate Forum)
  • Asian Banking & Finance(Singapore)
  • Indian Business Schools
  • Copenhagen Compliance, GRC(EuropeanUnion,Denmark)
  • ICFAI Business School(IBS,Hyderabad)
  • The Association of Corporate Treasurers(ACT, London)
  • Indian School of Business Hyderabad
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Treasury Today Asia (Asia largest circulated Treasury Magazine)
  • Treasury Peer Network
  • Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)
  • CFO India(India leading Treasury & CFO forum)
  • Asia Treasury Community(ATC) (Asia largest Treasury & CFO Forum)
  • FX Week Asia(Asia leading FX Magazine)
  • FX Invest Asia(Hong Kong based FX Forum)
  • Trade Tech FX(United Kingdom based FXForum)
  • FX Week(Hong Kong)
  • Infollion Research(Business Research & Consulting Firm, India)
  • Corporate Treasurer (Hong Kong leading Treasury Magazine)
  • Speaking Countries:

Founded own Brand "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers (FEMT)" duringcollege days. The purpose of the brand is to educate people from different parts of the Globe covering variety of topics.

Presence of Treasury Consulting LLP Brand - "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers (FEMT) "

  • LinkedIn & LinkedIn Academies: LinkedIn Networking of 80 Million across the Globe which covers Corporate Treasurers, CFO, CEO,Bankers, Corporate Finance Professionals, Finance Controllers, Board Members, Information Technology Experts,PHD's, Management Graduates and respective members. The following are LinkedIn Groups maintained by Treasury Consulting LLP having over 4000 members.
    • Maverick Traders
    • Academy of Business & Finance
    • Forensics World
    • The Maverick Treasurer
    • World of Technical Videos
  • You Tube Channel:Our You Tube channel - "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers "covers over 50 Technical Videos covering Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Treasury Risk Management, Onshore & Onshore Treasury Markets (Singapore, NY, London, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Dubai), Interest Rate Derivatives like Interest Rate Swaps, Credit Swaps, Total Return Swaps, Credit Default Swaps, Fixed Income Markets (Money Markets, Debt Markets, Capital Markets), International Accounting Standards (IFRS, US GAAP, International Accounting Standards, IND-AS, Indian GAAP), Corporate Finance , Strategic Finance , Fair Valuation , Business Valuation , Investment Banking and respective topics.
    • Over 500 Technical Videos
    • 600 K Videos Reviews
    • 10Million Minutes Watched
    • 15 K Comments
    • 8 K Playlists Videos
    • 5 K Subscribers
  • You Tube Playlists:The following are the playlists maintained by our You Tube Channel covering 500 Technical Videos.
    • Foreign Exchange Risk Management
    • Derivatives Strategies
    • Technical Analysis
    • Risk Management
    • Webinars
    • Frauds, Forensics & Analytics
    • Treasury Regulatory
    • Accounting Standards - IFRS, US GAAP, INDAS
    • Swaps, FRA, Interest Rates Derivatives
    • Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016
    • Fixed Income Markets
    • Treasury Management Systems
    • Basel III
    • Companies Act 2013
    • Costing, Operational Analytics
    • Investment Banking
    • Financial Models
    • Business Valuation
    • Credit Risk Management
  • Daily Motion Channel / Metacafe Channel:On the lines of our You Tube Channel we are developing another 2 Channels which would be on Daily Motion, Metacafe. Both the Channels would be covering all 450 Videos which we have on You Tube. Technical Content of both Daily Motion, Meta Cafe Channels remains as original as we have of our You Tube Channel.
  • WhatsAppProfessional Groups:Treasury Consulting LLP managing over 40 Professionals Groups on WhatsApp whereby we are managing more than 8000 Professional members covering respective topic. Extensive list of Groups is well available in our Monthly Newsletter.
  • Telegram Professional Groups:On thelines of WhatsAppProfessional Groups having several Professional Groups on Telegram App whereby we are managing more than 2500 Professional members across the Globe covering variety of topics.
  • Foreign Exchange Academies - Skype, Twitter:Treasury Consulting LLP is having dedicated Foreign Exchange Academies on Skype, Twitter whereby connected with several hundred Professional members and covering almost all aspects of Foreign Exchange Markets. Using Skype App we do provide Webinars as well covering members placed in International Markets.
  • Google Groups ~" Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers ": -Treasury Consulting LLP do havehis own Google Group which is further attached with Digital Library full ofForeign Author Books, Financial Modelling Excel based Models, Cash Flow Modelling Models, Risk based Models, Accounting Guides, RBI Master Circulars, CFA Books and respective others. Well as of now Google Group is having more than 5000 members spreading across the Globe.
  • Google Blog "Maverick TreasurersBlog: - Launchedour own Blog on Google where by the purpose is to link with members across the Globe. As of now Google Group is covering all the topics from Foreign Exchange till Business Valuation. Group is open to all the members across the Globe.
  • AMAZON, Joomagand Magzter:Treasury Consulting LLP is having dedicated presence on biggest Digital Platforms like AMAZON, Magzter and Joomag whereby selling his flagship Magazine - "The Maverick Treasurer". Our upcoming Magazine titled - "The Fraudster" would be available on same Digital Platforms. During Year 2017 we would be launching Paperback versions of both Magazines as well which would be available in Physical shape.
  • Angel List / Crowdfunding Sites:Treasury Consulting LLP, Our Brand- "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers "is having dedicated presence on Crowdfunding, Equity Funding sites like Angel List, Rocket Hub, Crowd Funder and Kick Starter. Over the period we would be adding more such platforms for our self, Treasury Consulting LLP and our Brand.

The following are the Awards, Citations, Global recognitions received by me, Treasury Consulting LLP till now.

  • Treasury Consulting LLP nominated by IE 20 which is Emerging India Awards. Under this profile of Treasury Consulting LLP would present before British Mayor + Jury during June 2017.
  • Treasury Consulting LLP is nominated for Corporate Information Technology Awards under Analytics Category.
  • Treasury Consulting LLP is nominated for Live mint Emtech Awards under Innovation Category.
  • Wrote 2 Articles for Institute of Cost Accountants of India covering IND-AS, Libor & Impact on Chinese Yuan. The same got publish in their WIRC Journal.
  • Regular Speaker at Euro Finance Annual Singapore Conference, Asia Pacific Conferences.
  • Awarded amongst Top 20 Corporate Treasurers by CFO India Institute during Year 2014 (Amongst sample Size 1000 Corporate Treasurers in India)
  • Co Authored of my maiden book - "Options for Risk Free Portfolio "Published in New York by McLaren Palgrave in Year 2013
  • Upcoming book titled -" Techniques to Hedge your Interest Rate Exposures "scheduled in Australia / Singapore byJune'17
  • Interview by Treasury Today Asia (Asia Largest Treasury Magazine) covering my entire Career as a Corporate Treasurer, Life as Corporate Treasurer, Role as a Corporate Treasurer, My Brand - " Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers " and spread of our Brand.
  • Founded my own Brand - "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers "having strong presence on LinkedIn, LinkedIn FX Club, You Tube Channel, Daily Motion Channel, Derivatives Groups on WhatsApp,Telegram, Derivatives Academies on Facebook,Skype, Google Groups, Google Blogs, Google digital Library, XING. We do have strong presence on Crowd, Equity Funding platforms like Angel List, Crowd Funder, Rocket Hub,and Kick Starter. Today we are serving millions of people via our Brand.
  • Treasury Trainer / Faculty for prominent forums at Global Level
  • Invitation by Singapore Management University (SMU) to develop course content on "Information Technology & Financial Markets"
  • Foreign Exchange Academies titled - "Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers "on LinkedIn (80 Million Global LinkedIn Networking, 4000 Global FX Members)
  • 3 Times CFO Awards in EXL Service Holdings, Inc., 2 Times CFO Awards in HCL Technologies Limited
  • Founded Monthly version of the Magazine titled - "The Maverick Treasurer". Magazine covering Treasury Mkts, Banking, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Mkts under
  • Founded Monthly version of the Magazine titled - "The Fraudster" covering Frauds, Forensics, Analytics, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Disaster Recovery,Internal Financial Controls (IFC) and respective.
  • Several Interviews during the period covering my Career, My Company " Treasury Consulting LLP ", Foreign Exchange Mkts, Derivatives Trading by respective International Institutions.
  • Contribution to ACT Flagship Magazine "The Treasurer" titled - "Perspective on Digital Trade Finance " published Sep'15
  • Contribution to ACT Flagship Magazine "TheTreasurer" titled -" Corruption for Corporate Treasurers "Published Sep'15
  • Invited by leading Treasury Consulting firm Greenwich Associates for their upcoming study in Singapore ~ "2015 Asian Corporate Finance
  • & Treasury Markets.
  • Interviewed by HK based leading Treasury Magazine "Corporate Treasurer "in Jan'16 covering "FII Investments and Impact on USD/INR "
  • Speaker with 26 Global forums across the world like Euro Finance, Euro Money, Copenhagen Compliance, Treasury Forums at Global Level

Treasury Consulting Group
- Business Streams

  • Trainings, Publications & Digital Marketing
  • Financial Markets
  • Information Technology
    ( IT )
  • Accounting, Audit, Assurance
  • Analytics & Data Science

Treasury Consulting Group
- Business Streams

  • Corporate Law / Compliance Desk
  • Valuation Desk
  • Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Desk
  • Treasury Consulting LLP - PPP Desk
  • Treasury Consulting Chapters (8 Chapters)


Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd - Fixed Income Platform is designed to leverage Treasury Capabilities across the Globe. We cover all Assets Classes. Treasury Consulting is heading as a Banking Entity in Singapore before 2022.

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Multinational Group having $ 10 Million Corporate Valuation (Still Counting). Company envisaging to be a Platform Company whereby we would be adding more platform over existing Fixed Income Platform - (World's 1st Fixed Income Platform). We are planning to add World's 1st Monetization Desk - Monitfund to come in 2019 followed by P2P Repo Desk, Treasury Management Systems (TMS) by 2019, 2020 respectively.

Foreign Exchange (FX) Desk
PPP Desk
Custodian Desk
Treasury & Markets Desk
Fixed Income Desk
RegTech Desk
FinTech Desk
RiskTech Desk
XVA Pricing Desk

Welcome to Treasury Consulting - Family Office Desk

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd is a Singaporean Multinational Group having 8 Business Verticals, 44 Business Domains. Treasury Consulting is having Intellectual Property (IP) Company where by we own our Fixed Income Platform - (World's 1st Fixed Income Platform). Sitting today our Fixed Income Platform is of 35+ Desks which are expected to grow to 100 by Dec 2019. Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd expected to launch Treasury Desk which would be covering all desks like Foreign Exchange (FX), Fixed Income (FI), Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), Private Placement Platform (PPP), Custodian Desk, Treasury Audits, Fixed Income Transition Management (FITM), Family Office Desk, Islamic Banking Desk, Pension Fund Desk and respective. Treasury Desk is expected to launch by 2020. With the launch of Treasury Desk we would be a equivalent to a Banking entity. Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd would apply for a Banking license in 2020 with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) whereby we would be a Principally Singaporean based Bank.

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd - Family Office Desk is about all aspects of Family Office based out at Singapore, Luxembourg, European Union (EU), Malaysia, United States (US), Latin America (LATAM), Royal Family Offices in OPEC Region. Our Family Office Desk covering Assets Classes like Governance & Management Structure, Alignment of Interest, Higher Return, Centralization of Risk, Market Structure, Legal Structure, Tax Structure, Single Family Offices (SFO), Multi Family Offices (MFO), Virtual Family Offices (VFO), Investment Philosophies, Trainings & Education.

Lunching Derivatives Exchange

Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd - Verticals











Energy (Power)


Energy (OIL & Gas)


Financial Markets














Treasury Consulting Pte Ltd - Business Domains

Trainings, Publications & Digital Marketing Desk

Treasury Consulting covering more than 200 types of Trainings covering Forensics, Functional, Information Technology (IT), Regulatory & Technological Trainings.

Learn More

Financial Markets Desk

Treasury Consulting covering Foreign Exchange (FX) Desk, Treasury Desk, FEMA, Trade Finance, Derivatives Valuation, Capital Markets Technologies Desk & High Frequency Trading (HFT) Desk.

Learn More

Information Technology (IT) Desk

Treasury Consulting IT Desk covering FinTech, ERP Desk, Cyber Security Desk, Regulatory Technologies (RegTech) Desk, Financial Technologies (FinTech) Desk, Analytics Desk & CISO Series.

Learn More

Accounting, Audit & Assurance Desk

Treasury Consulting covering Accounting & Assurance (A&A), Risk & Assurance (R&A), Accounting Standards - IFRS, US GAAP, IND-AS, Expected Credit Losses (ECL) Trades & respective Desks.

Learn More

Corporate Law/Compliance Desk

Treasury Consulting covering Corporate Law, ISO Advisory, Anti Money Laundering (AML), Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, Cyber Security & Blockchain Legality.

Learn More

Valuation Desk

Treasury Consulting Valuation Desk covering Valuation of Fixed Income (FI) Instruments, Foreign Exchange (FX), Energy Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives, Structured Finance Derivatives & respective instruments.

Learn More

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Desk

Treasury Consulting CFO Desk covering all aspects like Full Time CFO, IFRS Transition, Interim CFO, Project CFO, Virtual CFO & Virtual Corporate Treasurer (VCT)

Learn More

Treasury Consulting Chapters

Treasury Consulting Chapters covering - "Asia Frauds Chapter", "Data Analytics Lab", "Family Office Desk", " Club - "The Mavericks" & Brand - Foreign Exchange Maverick Thinkers.

Learn More

Ou r Succ ess Sto ri es

Tr u st ed By M a ny

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG)

Welcome to ​Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Singaporean Multinational HQ Group. TCG owns World's 1st Derivatives Bot - Julia who is also be World's 1st Virtual CFO Assistant.

Your conversation with Julia may be recorded for Training, Quality Control and Dispute handling purposes by TCG Legal Entities (World wide). Julia covering 16+ Assets Classes, 160+ Sub Asset Classes, 1000+ Sub Sub Asset Classes, 2000+ Sub Sub Sub Assets Classes, 5000+ Questions, Inbuilt Sliders (Downloadable) & Still Counting.

By 2024 Julia would cover 4 Languages (EN, CN, JP, EU) and would be a Multilingual Chatbot in Financial Markets.

By Clicking Continue you would be submitting your Name, Email ID, Contact details before using Julia. You Accept & Agree to bound by TCG Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement.


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