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Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is a Singaporean Multinational HQ Group (Soon either London or NY HQ Group) having $ 500 Million+ Valuation – 100% Cash Rich Group, 0% Debt, 0% VC funding. As a Group, we are having an interest in 8 BV (Business Vertical), 44 BD (Business Domain). Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) operates own Fixed Income Platform - (World's 1st Fixed Income Platform, Watched in 200+ Countries of Globe), Own Video App - Fixed Income Platform (Android Platform), Treasury Desk and soon launching Exchanges like Commodities Exchange, Electricity Exchange, Treasury Desk and big setup covering our App Operations on or before Dec 2022.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) – Video App covering all aspects of FICCCST – Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Credit Derivatives, Structured Derivatives, Treasury Banking Technologies. Video APP covering all aspects of Treasury Markets which is not the case with any other APP in the Globe.Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) via Video App launching an integrated learning platform covering all Asset Classes. We would be linking out both Apps – Android App, Apple App with Financial Terminals like Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and would also be introducing live trading functionality.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) – Video App – Fixed Income Platform would be covering all aspects of FICCCST Asset Classes in a phased manner. We would be covering all aspects but 100% of the content is not free. 90% of FICCCST would be covered via our “Private Video Directory “and rest 10% would be free for all members. FICCCST would be covered using live Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Excel Solvers designed by TCG, Latest Research covering all Asset Classes.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would be launching Desktop Version of App like we are having YouTube. In this, all App Videos can be seen on our Desktop Version. Our Desktop Version would be having excellent features and well connected with both Apple, Android Apps. Currently, we are working on Phase II of our App and by Nov 2020 we would be launching our Desktop Version.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is having many Trading Platforms. List of all Trading Platforms mentioned on our Hedge Fund Desk - Very soon our all Trading Desks would link with our App via Virtual Live Trading Platforms. We expect Virtual Live Trading Platforms (VLTF) would live by Q1’21 using both Apple, Android Platforms. Please also note that our Virtual Live Trading Platforms (VLTF) would be covering all aspects of FICCCST Asset Classes.

10% of Video Content available on our Videos App (Android, Apple) is free while 90% of the content is linked with our Private Video Directory. Our PVD would be live on our Apps as well as linked with our Fixed Income Platform - All Paid members will get access to Private Video Directory (PVD) which is having exclusive content covering all asset Classes FICCCST. This is the beginning of Over the Top (OTT) journey of Treasury Consulting Group (TCG). We would be adding many features of our OTT Desk in 2021-22. Stay tuned !

Soon we are launching a toll-free number where members can call and put their queries. Currently, we are having an online form facility on our App page where members can put their queries, and our back-office replies as per the question.

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Welcome to ​Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Singaporean Multinational HQ Group. TCG owns World's 1st Derivatives Bot - Julia who is also be World's 1st Virtual CFO Assistant.

Your conversation with Julia may be recorded for Training, Quality Control and Dispute handling purposes by TCG Legal Entities (World wide). Julia covering 16+ Assets Classes, 160+ Sub Asset Classes, 1000+ Sub Sub Asset Classes, 2000+ Sub Sub Sub Assets Classes, 5000+ Questions, Inbuilt Sliders (Downloadable) & Still Counting.

By 2024 Julia would cover 4 Languages (EN, CN, JP, EU) and would be a Multilingual Chatbot in Financial Markets.

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