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A Singaporean Headquartered (HQ) Global Group having live Fixed Income Platform (FIP), Hedge Fund, OTT Platform, 62+ Desks, many more with $ 500 Million Valuation (0% Debt, 0% VC Funding)


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Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is a Singaporean Multinational HQ Group having legal entities in Singapore (SG), Hong Kong (HK), India (IN). Sitting today Company is having more than 8 Verticals and 44 Business Streams. We do cover Clients across the Globe covering Markets like the United States (US), Canadian Markets, Australia & New Zealand (ANZ), Asian Financial Markets (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines), OPEC Region (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Bahrain), African Markets, Indian Markets and still counting.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would be adding more foreign subsidiaries as Group entities like New York (2022), London (2022), Saudi Arabia (2023), Dubai (2024), Australia (2025), Luxembourg (2025), Mauritius (2026). By 2024 Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would have Physical Offices / Legal entities in 6 parts (Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, London, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, India) of the Globe whereby we would be covering more than 100 Countries. Standing today Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is 100% Cash Rich Group, 0% Debt, 0% VC Funding. We are 100% Profitable Group with high Gross as well as Net Profit Margins. Our Group invests surplus Cash with more than Top 9 Mutual Funds in India, Mutual Funds in Singapore as well as Hong Kong. As a Group, we do operate our Equity Fund covering Equity Securities of Indian Bourses, Wall Street and soon adding European Exchanges as well.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) operates its own Hedge Fund Desk ( wherein we would be covering all Asset Classes – FICCCST – Fixed Income, Currencies, Commodities, Credit, Structured, Technology. More details of the Hedge Fund Desk are shared in the link aforesaid.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is having own Intellectual Property (IP) rights - Fixed Income Platform – ( World’s 1st Fixed Income Platform, Watched in 230 Countries of Globe, Amongst 500K Platforms of Globe, Integrated with World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – Julia and many things)

Julia – World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – 16+Asset Classes, 1000+ 7th Level Asset Classes, Push Sliders Facility (Asset Class Wise), Audit Trail facility (Forward/Backward), World’s 1st Derivatives Bot – PPP Bot, Comprehensive Commodities Pricing – Agri, Metals, Petroleum, Live FX Pricing – 27 FX Pairs, 5000+ Questions covering 16+ Asset Classes & respective.

Effective Dec 2020 Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) launching most awaited Treasury Desk whereby we would be integrating all existing Desks of our Fixed Income Platform – like Compliance Desk, Commodities Desk, Defence Desk, Financial Markets, Pension Fund Desk, Foreign Exchange (FX), Fixed Income (FI), Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), PPP Desk, Custodian Desk, Islamic Banking Desk, Pension Fund Desk and respective Desks. This would be one of kind Treasury Desk available in Public Domain. With this Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would move to the next journey which is to initiate Banking entity as a Principally Singaporean, Hong Kong Bank. As a Banking entity, we would be covering all Assets Classes, Multiple Trading Desks across the Globe. The company would also be launching World's 1st Monetization Desk - Monitfund by Jan'21. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) also launching Commodities Exchange who would be covering all aspects of Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Base Metals, Natural Gas (NG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Gases, Refined Petroleum Products). This Exchange would be coming by August 2020. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) also launching Electricity Exchange which would be covering all Electricity Derivatives. Both the Exchanges to be under the flagship of respective legal entities of Treasury Consulting Group (TCG)

Sitting today Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) is having Corporate Valuation of $ 500 Million and expected to cross $ 1 Billion by Dec’21. According to US I-Bankers, Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) would be a Unicorn ($ 5 Billion) Group before 2024 considering upcoming E-Commerce Operations & 8+ Strategic Desks coming before Dec 2024. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) planning listing in HK by 2023 under the dual listing clause. Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) Banks with DBS Singapore and would continue to bank with Top 10 Banks of the Globe for Corporate Banking requirements across all Legal entities of the Globe

Currently acting as a Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Venture Capitalist (VC) of Treasury Consulting Group (TCG). Also acted as an Ex. Group Corporate Treasurer of United States (US), India based ITES, IT Companies like EXL Service Holdings, Inc. HCL Technologies Limited. Also acting as an Editor in Chief (EIC) - " The Maverick Treasurer ", " The Fraudster ", Oil & Gas Trader, FX & IR Trader, Energy Derivatives Trader.

Treasury Consulting Group (TCG)

Welcome to ​Treasury Consulting Group (TCG) - Singaporean Multinational HQ Group. TCG owns World's 1st Derivatives Bot - Julia who is also be World's 1st Virtual CFO Assistant.

Your conversation with Julia may be recorded for Training, Quality Control and Dispute handling purposes by TCG Legal Entities (World wide). Julia covering 16+ Assets Classes, 160+ Sub Asset Classes, 1000+ Sub Sub Asset Classes, 2000+ Sub Sub Sub Assets Classes, 5000+ Questions, Inbuilt Sliders (Downloadable) & Still Counting.

By 2024 Julia would cover 4 Languages (EN, CN, JP, EU) and would be a Multilingual Chatbot in Financial Markets.

By Clicking Continue you would be submitting your Name, Email ID, Contact details before using Julia. You Accept & Agree to bound by TCG Terms & Conditions & Privacy Statement.


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